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1 .webNetUse

It’s a tool for determining the usage cost for the CTU’s/ISTS network for generators(GENCOs) & loads(DISCOMs).The tool was developed when CERC cost & loss allocation regulation came in enforcement in 2010. Subsequently, CERC made some amendments in 2020 and came up with a revised regulation. The current software is in line with this revised regulation

1. CERC (since 2010)

2. POSOCO (Grid Controller of India Ltd.)

3 .Some state


It’s a web based tool for short term load forecasting typically day ahead. It was  developed in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) & Tata Consulting Engineers(TCE).


2. Mumbai DISCOM

3 .BEST Mumbai


It’s a bid matching tool for power exchanges. It takes input buyer’s bids &
supplier offers & does a doubled closed bid considering network constraints.
The tool is based upon MILP framework & provides MCP/ACP & volumes dispatched.

Currently, it is in operation for Day Ahead Market (DAM), Real Time Market (RTM) and Term Ahead Market (TAM).

Power Exchange India Ltd. (since 2015)

4.Synchrophasor Analytics for Electrical Transmission Systems

The primary aim of the project was to develop analytics to process synchrophasor data, streaming into an energy control center, in real time. Eight applications viz., linear state estimation, detection of vulnerability of distance protection, synchrophasor supervised secure remote backup protection system, line parameter estimation, CT and CVT calibration, schemes for controlling angular instability, oscillation mode identification and static security assessment were developed. The analytics were prototype, tested in the field and finally deployed to work with one of the largest installation of WAMS in the world. It employed extensive high performance sparse matrix computing, database management for large data, working with  standard communication protocols like IEEE C37.118-2 and Modbus. GUI front end for user interaction in control centre environment was developed.

1. Powergrid India: Deployed at National Load Dispatch Centre and five Regional Load Dispatch Centres as well as several State Load Dispatch Centres.

2. GETCO: Deployed at Gujarat State Load Dispatch Centre.